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DO I HAVE RATS?: Services


Did you know that rats and mice have to gnaw daily?

  • A rodents teeth can grow up to five and a half inches per year!

  • Chewing is required to keep the teeth sharp and short so they don't grow into the skull.

  • Chewed electrical wires and security alarm wires can be a fire hazard.

  •  A/C ducts with gnawed openings allow contaminated air into the living areas.

  • Chewed water pipes can burst and gnawed flu pipe sleeves are also a source of water damage. 

  • Ignoring an infestation will only increase the costs of repairing items that can become damaged by rats. 



Out of site, out of mind?

  • Often rodent urine and feces is out of sight up in the attic, that doesn't mean it isn't a health hazard.

  • According to the Florida Department of Health, "Rodents are known to spread as many as 35 different diseases to humans worldwide". Furthermore, "Inhaling dust from dried rodent urine, feces or nesting material can also result in illness. Pregnant women, children, the elderly and those who are immunocompromised should be particularly careful to protect themselves from rodent-carried illnesses".​



Rats can EASILY turn your home into their filthy habitat.

  • Insulation is a ideal nesting environment for pregnant and young juvenile rats seeking to live or mate in a new safe home away from predators.

  • Energy savings start to decrease as the rodents compact and contaminate the insulation with feces and urine.

  • The effects of low and compacted attic insulation reaches further than your comfort,  the air conditioner now has to work harder to heat and cool the house and a replacement will need to be purchased.


Having rodents in your home is a serious problem. It can start out small and QUICKLY become a large and costly issue.

So, how do you know if you have a problem?

  • Rats are nocturnal and sometimes can be heard chewing or scuffling across the ceiling in the attic.

  • Droppings and urine can often be seen around stored items in the attic or crawlspace as a likely sign of infestation.

  • If droppings are not found, it doesn't mean there isn't an issue, often insulation has to be dug through to find droppings.

  • Some pets are perceptive of rodent activity and may be attentive to crawlspaces or attics, this is a huge RED FLAG.

We are happy to inspect your home for rodents or contaminated insulation and provide a timely and proper solution.

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